The Cannabis Pages Vaporiser Directory

The Cannabis Pages Vaporiser Directory

The Cannabis Pages has compiled a list of dry herb and concentrate vaporisers suitable for your medicinal cannabis prescriptions.

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are activated by heat. A dry-heat vaporiser heats the flower at a lower temperature than smoking, creating vapour instead of smoke. This reduces exposure to combustion products and may be safer than smoking.

There are many different styles of dry-herb vaporiser including portable and desktop devices. Most people typically prefer using pocket-sized, battery-powered devices for convenience. Many vaporisers come with additional features including temperature control and connecting to mobile applications that track your usage frequency, doses and symptom relief.

In the UK, flower has to be consumed using a dry-herb vaporiser instead of smoking, because of the health risks of combustion. With effects generally experienced within approx. 5-10 minutes and a duration effectiveness period of up to 6 hours, cannabis flower can be more efficient for users than other administering methods such as sublingual’s or capsules / pills.

This list will be updated regularly. Contact us to suggest any changes. Last updated August 2021.